Monday, June 4, 2007

Flynn's Irish Grove Acres

Flynn's Irish Grove Acres is a lot like your average family farm. We've got the generational thing going on, my being 4th generation Flynn to live and work this land. It's idyllic, in that Northern Illinois rolling hills sort of way. And it's been sporting crops of corn and beans since, well, I guess since the Flynn's bought this place, back in the early 1900's.

Irish Grove is special, though, because it has been the backdrop to the Flynn family drama that makes us who we are. This farm provides us with a sense of place and belonging, a rare gift in today’s world. It absorbs our frustrations and anger, usually involving a pitchfork and cow manure. It is our refuge in time of sorrow, with more pitchforks and manure. (Pitchforks and manure are the solutions to many problems here in Irish Grove.) But most importantly, Irish Grove is the origin of our overall happiness and joy. Our ‘little bit o’ blarney’ was born here in Irish Grove, home of our ancestors, our children, and most importantly, our dreams.

Read on, meet the many colorful characters that abound, be they human or beast, see if you can figure out which is which, and laugh with us at the every day trials and tribulations of life on the farm.


Laura said...

I think I should get an honorary pitchfork or a plaque on the wall of the barn or something for the person most likely to pitch manure for punishment. At least from about 1980-88 or so... but as Dad always said, "It builds character." So I must have, like, a LOT of character. And yes, Jackie, you can thank me too, since you had to help - Dad's method of misbehavior prevention! :)


Mom said...

Just before I read this I was in the barn pitching manure & feeding the calves. As I sit here I can still smell that familiar barn smell that stays with you until you shower it off. And before I did chores I planted potatoes...a staple of our Irish ancestors. How ironic it is that I am living your blog!?!

Joe in Lincoln NE said...

Hi, My wife's mother is a Flynn and her ancestor gggGrandfather I believe was Michael Flynn who settled in Irish Grove (Rock Run) illinois. Is that this place? Do you have any info on the ancestry?