Friday, January 16, 2009

South Pole, Illinois

The local newscaster informed us this morning that our -23 degrees outside was every bit as cold as the South Pole. The South Pole!! That's right. They woke up to -23 degrees, too.

Now that's cold.

We're warmer than the North Pole. Warmer! They woke up to a balmy -8 degrees.
P'shaw....that's nothin'.

This is what Lucero looked like this morning:

This is what Lucero's nose looked like this morning:

This is what Chip looked like this morning:

Look at his ears. He looks like a scooter.
I'm probably a bad farmer for thinking that's funny.

This is what one of our calves looked like this morning:
This is what the farmer looked like this morning:

Yeah....not so smokin'.
Oh well. At least I didn't freeze.


Anonymous said...

As Dad would say.........."colder than a witches left t*t!"

A good thing about you being home-bound is you posting to your blog so often!! Keep up the good work Jackie!

Mallikarjuna said...

I liked ur interest in sustainablle agriculute and I need ur assistence in promoting agricultue too