Friday, January 22, 2010

Morning Admissions

Today's the day. The day I come clean.

You see, I've been hiding something from you. Something that I've been too ashamed to admit.

It's not that I've meant to decieve you in any way, it's just.....well, it's just that sometimes it's easier to say nothing than to come clean about things like this.

And anyways, it's not like any of you have asked. But still. You read this blog to learn about farmlife, to see how things are really done, to get a taste of rural life. You've helped me get through the many trials I face here on the farm, the difficult decisions and the many mistakes. But most importantly, you've helped me celebrate those rare triumphs, those few things that I've done and done well.

So I owe you. I owe you the truth.

OK. Here it is. Here goes nothing. Here's the deep, dark, shameful secret I've been hiding all this time:

I do morning chores in my PJ's.

I don't take the time to get dressed before doing chores. I just throw on my coat and boots and go tend the animals. I have been known, even, to duck into barns or the garage if someone is driving by so they don't see me in my blue-striped pajama pants or my grey sweats that are too short. I know! The shame of it has been killing me.

Think what you must, but that's the bare truth of it. That's how things get done here on my farm. Weird but true.


Jen said...

Good job Jackie! We appreicate ALL you and Marcel do to make the farm and your home a plesant place too visit! Kepp up the good work!


All Natural Mama said...

Lol, hey at least you get them done!


Constance said...

I shamelessly walk my dog in my PJ's. Every neighborhood needs an eccentric person to keep the others entertained--or just wondering what's going on in that mind! If I saw you out in your PJ's, I'd give a honk of support as I drove by.

Tim Handorf said...

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The Gough Inn said...

New to your blog -- I had to laugh at the pj's . I rennet rushing out as a young girl doing the samething not sure if I could do it like you do it-- but then again I am still holding on a dream to have my own farm -- with the red barn and all-- wink Kristeen

Galloping Goats Farm said...

I do my morning choes in my jammies too. Why get dressed to go to the barn. The goats don't care what I am wearing. They are just glad to see me. Shannon

Stevie said...

Who doesn't do their morning chores in pajamas. I think God blessed NC with mild weather just so I could such a thing. Now if I could find some coffee cup contraption that would let me sip my coffee while milking and filling water buckets. One of those hats with straws, perhaps?