Thursday, February 11, 2010

31 Thoughts

Two nights ago, I received a startling phone call at 12:54 a.m., from my dear husband, who had gotten stuck in the middle of a snow drift, about a mile away from home, after working a 12 hour shift, fixing snow plows that keep the roads passable, during a snowstorm that dumped 8 inches on us, with 30 to 40 mph winds.

He said, "Get dressed, don't wake the kids, grab the tractor, don't worry about the loader bucket, it has the blade on the back, and come plow me out."

Here is my progression of thoughts, upon receiving this phone call:

1. I'm warm and sleepy.
2. It's cold and snowy and windy out there.
3. I don't want to go.
4. Marcel needs help.
5. He's stuck in a snow drift.
6. It's just around the corner on Trask Bridge.
7. It's really not that far.
8. Maybe he could walk home.
9. We could get the car out in the morning.
10. Anyways, why didn't he take Brick School Road?
11. Everyone knows you should take Brick School when it's cold and snowy and windy.
12. Armando was sick yesterday.
13. What if he needs me?
14. I shouldn't leave him.
15. What kind of mother leaves her sick kid alone at night?
16. What if the girls wake up and don't find me here?
17. Marcel called and he needs help.
18. I don't feel so good.
19. Maybe I've caught the flu from Armando.
20. It'd be hard to clean up vomit from the cab of the tractor.
21. And then we'd be stuck driving a tractor that smells like puke for the rest of the year.
22. I think I've forgotten how to drive the tractor.
23. Anyways, it's cold and snowy and windy out there.
24. And if the situation was reversed, Marcel would not want to get out of bed and plow me out.
25. But he would.
26. And he'd come as quick as possible.
27. And he wouldn't make me feel bad about waking him up on a cold and snowy and windy night.
28. Aw, crap.
29. I'm going out into this cold and snowy and windy night.
30. To rescue my husband from a snow drift.
31. I'm a good wife.


Anonymous said...

Yes you are!!!

Constance said...

Now THAT'S true love! Talk about for better or for worse. Leaving a warm bed on a cold and wintry night definitely falls into the latter category.

Jen said...

Hey Jackie!

Don't worry, you "ALWAYS" be a "WONDERFUL" wife and mother! I hope too see you soon!

Love ya,

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