Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Left Behind

People have left many things behind when they come to buy eggs.  They've left egg cartons and money in the envelope, of course, but also sippy cups, shopping receipts, toys, etc.

Today someone left behind their child

P.S.  We were home, child was playing with the chickens, all was well.

P.S.S. Can it get any crazier than that?

P.S.S.S. Don't answer that please. I don't wanna know.


Galloping Goats Farm said...

Love it! They must have several kids? My mom forgot me at piano lesson once when I was 6. The teacher called her to remind her that she was supposed to have picked me up and my mom told her that I was outside playing with the other kids(6 of us). She was so emabarassed.

Galloping Goats Farm said...
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Constance said...

At least no one has lost their mind and had to return to fetch it! Never a dull moment on the farm. Hope those coughing chickens are feeling better!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Just happened upon your blog this morning and don't even know what to say about that - but HAD to say something!

Life gets busy I

but wow!


Jackie said...

GFF-I'm sure this mom will feel better knowing she's not alone! Funny story.

Constance--Yes, most are better.

Tracy--I know! I wasn't home at the time, so someone is gonna be hard-pressed to out-do the message on my phone that day, "Um, someone just came to get eggs and they forgot their kid. What should I do?" LOL