Tuesday, December 7, 2010

'Sibling' Rivalry

Remember those days when you were little and your brother or sister got sick?

Maybe they had the stomach flu or a perhaps a fever?  And everyone, including you, joined in the rally cry to take extra good care of them?

Grandma would bring over chicken noodle soup......

and mom would buy soda crackers and 7-Up, just for them.  

"That's OK," you'd think.  "I'm healthy enough to run around and play, eat a full supper, go to school...I don't need any pop or crackers." 

"I'm a good sister, I won't be jealous.  They're sick, after all."

But slowly you started to get tired of all the attention your sibling was getting.

Grandma came by a second time with jello.

Their friends were calling to see how they were.

And you had seen them playing a little bit....especially when Mom wasn't looking. 

That was the moment you were able to justify the sheath of crackers that somehow ended up in your room.  

And that glass of 7-Up you chugged down when no one was looking. 


This, my friends.....

is a lot like that.